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How to download and use the fast scanner application


The job you're applying for is smartphone intensive. This means that the smartphone has become one of the tools necessary to do your job, and unfortunately, we do not offer classes or courses, and how to use a smartphone.  Please do not ask us how to work your equipment.  If you do not know how, this is not a good job match. 

We require the new applicants to know how to do the functions necessary to perform their job. The functions necessary in this case are outlined below.  

Take a screenshot:
Ask the trucker to take a screenshot of their phone's home screen. Send the screenshot via Telegram to the group thread.

Sending a private message to the admin on Telegram:
Ask the trucker to send a private message to the admin's Telegram account.

Sending a public message to the whole account on Telegram: 
Ask the trucker to send a message to the Telegram group.

Making a PDF and sending it via Telegram:
Make a PDF through the PDF app. Ask them to send the PDF file to the Telegram group.

Downloading and registering for the Trucker Path (or a different app) app:
Ask the trucker to download and install the Trucker Path app from the app store. Ask them to open the app, register for a free account, and show you a map of their current or nearby location via screenshot.

Checking results:
Evaluate the trucker's performance on each task based on the time it took them to complete it, the accuracy of their work, and their overall familiarity with using a smartphone and various apps.

Welcome to the Sand Hauling Opportunity for Owner-Operators with Merc Truck and Freight course. This course is designed for those interested in becoming owner-operators and working with Merck Truck and Freight to haul sand. Throughout this course, we will explore the details of the job opportunity, including job requirements, compensation, and daily tasks. We will also discuss what it takes to succeed in this industry, including the necessary skills and qualifications. 

Driver Operating Manual

Pre-Trip Inspection Policy:

Drivers must thoroughly inspect their vehicles before starting each trip. This inspection is designed to identify potential safety hazards or mechanical issues that could compromise the safety of the driver, passengers, or other road users. The pre-trip inspection should follow the following guidelines:

All worn or damaged parts are photographed and uploaded to the assigned software.  Photos are free and useful for part assessment and replacement. 

Old school trucking with paper logs and maps is behind us.  Technology is required for professional truck drivers. 


Driver safety is the top priority at our company, and this manual is designed to guide safe practices for hauling sand, water, and other work for oilfield oil wells using a variety of trailers, including sandboxes and PropX. We've prepared an online course for your training and benefit; all drivers must take classes through our Learning Management System, pass quizzes, and demonstrate their understanding of professional driver safety.

List of Paperwork needed in the truck.